Boston While Black Announces First Biotech Partnership with Entrada Therapeutics – Creates New Opportunities for Boston’s Black Community within Massachusetts’ World-Leading Life Sciences Cluster

Mar 22, 2022

Boston While Black Announces First Biotech Partnership with Entrada Therapeutics

Creates New Opportunities for Boston’s Black Community within Massachusetts’ World-Leading Life Sciences Cluster


BOSTON, MA: Today Boston While Black announced a new partnership with Entrada Therapeutics, the first life sciences company to join its impressive roster of Boston-based corporate partners. Entrada Therapeutics’ goal to create a culture of diversity that fosters a true sense of belonging is at the core of the partnership and is in complete alignment with Boston While Black’s mission to serve Boston’s Black professionals, students, and entrepreneurs. 

“We are so happy to have Entrada as our first biotech partner at Boston While Black,” says Sheena Collier, Founder and CEO of Boston While Black. “This will open the door to providing community to Black biotech employees across Boston, and show that valuing the lived experiences of your Black employees is a smart business decision, regardless of the business sector that you are in.”

“We’re excited to be Boston While Black’s first biotech partner. We’ve all experienced work cultures that have limited our ability to contribute and be supported as our authentic selves. At Entrada, we’re building a company from the ground up and we want to get it right for our employees, our communities and the patients we hope to serve. We see Boston While Black as a critical part of this and hope that through this partnership, Entrada can contribute to and grow with Boston’s Black community,” says Dipal Doshi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Entrada Therapeutics. “Diversity drives innovation and we count on it to spark the research and development of life changing medicines.” 


Partnership Initiatives:

  • Provide memberships to Entrada Therapeutic’s Black employees, connecting them to a larger community outside of the workplace, and engaging them in the city in which they work and live in.
  • Provide resources and connections to support Entrada’s Black employee resource group at Entrada.
  • Assist Entrada’s culture and belonging efforts through original Boston While Black programs and events.
  • Support the creation of a path for Black Bostonians to transition into the biotech industry, including sharing job opportunities with the 600+ BWB community.


About Boston While Black

Boston While Black is the first membership network for Boston-based Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who are seeking connection and community. Through programs, events, and a digital community, they connect members who are active in their local neighborhoods, working at the most innovative companies, building the businesses of the future, attending the area’s universities, and shaping the culture of the region. Boston While Black is creating a city where Black people want to live and work because they have the spaces, tools, and relationships to find their tribe, grow their network, navigate the city, and have fun.

The Boston While Black community is powered by the experiences of its creator, Sheena Collier, who moved here fifteen years ago to attend Harvard and had her own challenges navigating Boston, particularly as a Black woman. Learn more at


About Entrada Therapeutics 

Entrada Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company aiming to transform the lives of patients by establishing a new class of medicines, Endosomal Escape Vehicles (EEV™) therapeutics, to engage intracellular targets that have long been considered inaccessible and undruggable. The Company’s EEV therapeutics are designed to enable the efficient intracellular delivery of a wide range of therapeutics into a variety of organs and tissues with an improved therapeutic index. Through its proprietary, highly versatile and modular EEV Platform, Entrada is building a robust development portfolio of oligonucleotide-, antibody- and enzyme-based programs for the potential treatment of neuromuscular diseases, immunology, oncology and diseases of the central nervous system. The Company’s lead oligonucleotide programs include ENTR-601-44 targeting Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), and a follow-on program targeting myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1). 

For more information about Entrada, please visit our website,, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Entrada Contact

Karla MacDonald

VP, Corporate Communications

[email protected]